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Collective Art Exhibition “Let justice reign in my country” by Rosângela Vig

You can also listen to this article in the voice of own Plastic Artist Rosângela Vig:


Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

I saw yesterday a bug
In the filth of courtyard
Picking up food between the.

When he felt something,
Not tested or smelled:
Swallow with voracity.

The animal was not a dog,
It wasn't a cat,
It wasn't a rat.

The bug, Oh my god, He was a man.
(BANDEIRA, 2008, p.119)

Nature has been generous with our immense country. There is so much to say of the beaches and the lush landscapes, with diverse flora and fauna. There is so much to say to our lively Carnival, our cosy and happy people. At the same time, There is a lot to be embarrassed about social and political issues that plague our Brazil. Top the list of issues, the areas of health, of security, of education and, as if that wasn't enough, There's still the disobedience and deviance of tax money to corruption, for those whose sole function should be to take good care, the well that is all.

It may be that ethics is absent, It may be that lack of scruples and, more than that, may be missing rulers whose sole ambition is to make the Brazil, a better country for us, for our children and grandchildren and, more than that, still claim to leave a beautiful story for posterity, You can be proud of a day.

Moved by the thought, the Arts Law Commission of OAB of Sao Paulo ahead of a new exhibition. With the coordination of Dra. Cíndia Regina Moraca and under the curatorship of Dr. Sandra Maria Honorato da Silva, the exhibition will be displayed at the headquarters of the OAB, on the street Afonso Celso, 1200, in the Health, in São Paulo, with opening scheduled for the day 9 August, to 18 hours.

Of international renown, the 25 artists, follow the theme of the exhibition, each with your language and your way of expression, making clear his reflections on citizenship, respect and fairness in the country. The shows still celebrates the 85 years of OAB and honors the day of Lawyer, celebrated on 11 August.

For a more just Brazil which both want, There's still that trail. Education and culture are part of that path, because they fit the role to promote and arouse emotions in the observer, awakening to the awareness.

Exposição Coletiva de Arte "Que a Justiça reine em meu País". Divulgação.

Collective Art Exhibition “Let justice reign in my country”. Disclosure.


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