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Exhibition # IN ÁFRICA “movement of a continent”


Curadoria Herik Wooleefer

An Art of construction work with the simplicity of Eastern Peoples Isolated, the claw of the Cannibals, the diversity of traditional communities and all luxury of the African Metropolis, of body, soul and movement.

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The Exhibition # InÁFRICA depicts the striking colors and customs of Africa, giving visibility and prominence to Black Art Work that they are rare, showing its artistic and cultural diversity through photography. The art is embedded in our daily lives without even realizing, every stroke, color or shape that Herik Wooleefer Artist creates based on their research when traveling to the African continent, has at its roots the inspiration the charming African traditions, representing the customs and traditions of the tribes with the abstractionist to represent the feelings and emotions in a way not so clear at first, and naturalists because of animals and elements of nature are paramount in making this art which we find in the Omo Valley Tribes which is in East Africa, They use the elements to paint the body that is part of everyday life that has in its region a fabulous palette of colors that are extracted powder stones, mud, fruits and plants and some tribes as – Afar, Éwés, Amhara, Arabs, Ashantis, Bacongos, Bmbers, Bemba, Berberes, pygmies, Samburus, Senufos, Tuareg, Tutsis found in the region, forming the base of the inspiring Artists uni colors and traditions in a unique Art, merging on the photo.

Little is see the black being represented as a Work of Art, self Portrait, landscapes or even in museums, where the exhibition shows amazing Art Works, so that the black has its representation in art history, building a better society for all.


Thiago Nunes
Allan Sampaio
Blínia Messiah
Bru Hermenegildo

Guest Artist Sculptor:

Thiago Mathias

African Guest Artist:

Abdoul-Ganiou medication

Centro Coreográfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro
Tuesdays to Sundays – 09:30 ACE 21:00
20 July – 20 August
Free Entry


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