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“Fernando Priamo and photography of tomorrow” by Edmundo Cavalcanti

Edmundo Cavalcanti é Artista Plástico, Colunista de Arte e Poeta.

Edmundo Cavalcanti is a Visual Artist, Art Columnist and Poet.

Fernando Priamo lives the idea of ​​a world without borders. Where walks, You can travel without consulting map, it's like a traveling film rebobinasse. Each starting, back with more 15 thousand pictures in your suitcase. "The FineArt me", says the Italian-Brazilian miner and contemporary photographer. His motivation by clicking comes from the desire to have been a great painter. Sees screens in frameworks behind the lenses that present you the world. It is from there that feel, gets emotional and tries his best to break the gap between reality and its representation. Priamo wants a palette of colors as complete as the Sistine Chapel, and moves following the unrest and toward the characteristic light in paintings by Caravaggio. "Monet's perseverance, always paint in your garden, fascinates me", comments reminiscing about one of his photo series in honor of the Impressionist artist.

while shooting, no attempts to capture the moment, but tomorrow. Whatever his art is always ahead of this time, and you can make sense even if spending many years. When composing an image, search for an overview, giant, and that's the way it believes to be born a good photo. "I am very small compared to what I do. The work that I develop is beyond my simple ability. And I never do alone. But these things are too subjective to understand, We need to feel ". Fernando and spirituality go together when you go out in search of a photo. "Strange things happen to me, like someone to show me, call me for a look ".

Fernando Priamo é Fotógrafo.

Fernando is Priamo Photographer.

A machine upon a shooting camera, It defines your head that receives stimuli at any time. can not live without freezing moments of your day. Noisy thoughts are quiet in the city noise, although sometimes refer to music on his headphones, or focuses on that track as regards the location of the ground on which it is positioned with your camera. The first bought just at the time he studied photography, in São Paulo, one Zenit, Russa, the most affordable professional market to the then student. At the time, fashion photography served him as a territory for immersion, collected since childhood clippings of this editorial and also magazines National Geographic, while thinking: "How can someone have done this landscape log?”​. Currently, the question back to him: "What is the beauty that makes Priamo his knees to the world?”

Reluctant to black and white because she loves colors, although specific series that evoke the many shades of gray that are between the two gulfs, an example is his work in progress that is while watching the wheels spin bikes girls. Rather cloudy dates for sunny days, because it is in the gray landscape that the colors jump out. If it was writer, It would be many words, you care full, the chaos, overlap, and mainly, how will create one arrangement from so many elements available in your field of vision. It is in painting, mainly, Italian, learn more about the composition.

The photographs do not show 90% ready for your camera, they are deleted. Even in terms of light, Priamo pulls more saturation and contrast when the image asks, or generates and captures more pale pastels whenever. The editing work follows almost the same logic of those who work using analog feature.

Shoot with both eyes wide open to the world. Not shut up the eyelids to avoid catching your vision to the lens limits. While one operates in the display, the other eye is attentive to surroundings, anticipating what can happen and end up entering the lens field. "I can wait an element into the field of action, and stop it, and with that, not miss the photo ".

Photography is his joy, but not only. It has passed cathartic moments photographing, as when he traveled to Auschwitz and visited the concentration camp. Photographed all the time in an intense process. "When people see my photos, they look at a sad place, but they can not access what goes on in my head. This cry is all my feeling, I saw everything blurry ".

Fernando Priamo recounts his life from his gaze reaches. The photo gave him all, including the ability to cause a rupture in space-time. "I am taking bits of space and putting on a screen, going to a gallery with the intention of perpetuating for years. When the work reaches this stage, Priamo believes that the artist leaves the scene, and the work builds on itself. In a mental relationship, It is as if the work were the subconscious, the work is all, and its author, conscious.

Searchable Por Elmor (journalist)


1- When you started effectively to produce or create your photos?

My production process actually begins in the late 1990, when I start the course photography, in São Paulo. Before that, my job was specifically experimental, without technical emplacements; only fruit of my raw talent.

2- What is the picture for you? If you were to summarize in a few words the meaning of photography in your life?

I can summarize as follows photo: the picture is me and I am the picture.

3- You have another activity beyond art? You give lessons, lectures etc.?

Not. I am a photographer full time.

4- Its major national and international exhibitions and their awards?

Solo Exhibitions:

– 2006 "A look on Friday, unceremoniously ", local: CCBM / Juiz de Fora;

– 2012 "Italy and soul", local: CCBM / Juiz de Fora;

– 2013 "Portraits of Auschwitz, art in pursuit of peace ", local: CCBM / Juiz de Fora;

In addition to individual exhibitions, Fernando Priamo participated in several group exhibitions.

major awards:

– 1Th place in the National Competition Festivals and reveled in Minas, conducted by Portal Discover Mines – Senac / MG, 2006;

– Two Honorable Mentions in the National Competition Click Tourism, performed by SESC / MG, 2008;

– Honorable Mention in the National Competition Award Northeast Photography, Group carried out by Northeast / PE, 2008.

5- Your plans for the future?

I intend to expose and show my work in large urban centers of Brazil and the world, making my picture become current even here the 100 years.

6- In your opinion what is the future of Brazilian art especially photography and its artists? (in the general context) and why so many artists are giving preference to show their work in international exhibitions despite high costs?

The Brazilian photography is a time to rise and attracting glances from around the world. We have artists of the most varied forms of photography, with a different and unique look. Despite the high costs in international exhibitions, this market, besides valuing photography as art, It has the financial resources to absorb these jobs.

7- I have noticed that some traditional galleries are closing activities. Artists are giving preference to exhibit at Cultural Spaces. In your opinion what would be the cause?

Due to the high costs imposed to galleries, many branch business owners choose not to have open doors, the result of an economic squeeze through which passes the Brazilian market. Already in cultural, there are tax incentives and laws to encourage culture (municipal and state) stimulating this demand.

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