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“Environment in full” by Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig é Artista Plástica e Professora de História da Arte.

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

I am the earth, I am the life.
My boat first came the man.
From me came the woman and came the love.
Came the tree and came to source.
The fruit comes and the flower comes.

I am the original source of all life.
I am the floor that attaches to your House.
I'm covering tile in your home.
Your constant mine pit.
I'm the ear of your cattle
And quiet certainty your effort.
I'm the reason your life.
Me you came by the hand of the Creator,
And to me you will come at the end of the deal.
Only me you will find rest and peace.
(CORALINA, 2004, p. 311)

No words are needed to externalize the convoluted true meaning of life. For Cora Coralina, the human being is by just passing through, in a brief stay. The Earth is your only home and that comes your life, your family, your livelihood. Take good care of the planet means taking care of our future and the future of the next generations. Understanding these words however seems difficult to many and continuing environmental deterioration, with great strides, the open, Despite all the knowledge about the consequences to all. Stop thinking about it and take action, It means not taking care of the big house in which we live.

Grupo Artenavida apresenta Meio Ambiente por Inteiro. Convite. Divulgação.

Artenavida Group offers entire Environment. Invitation. Disclosure.

The actions contradict the plain speech of poetry, as to what we should, as a matter of urgency, take good care of the planet, our only ship. Will if weaving networks of corruption, of evil, of devastation, in a frantic race and illusory by have and power. How about magnetism chain carries on the spirit prevails over the true meaning of life and it seems to delete the main objective, that is the peace of the soul, that tells us Cora Coralina.

It's the little attitudes that can arouse awareness about what we're doing in our House and take each to act the right way so that you can have a better world, in the future. So think the artists of Artenavida Group. So are the exhibitions that the artists are performing. And the next exhibition will be the environment in full, in Hotel Mercure São Paulo, on the street Are Carlos do Pinhal, 87, Beautiful View, in São Paulo, from 1 from July to 8 September 2017, with vernissage at the site, on 30 June 2017, at 7:00 pm and 30 minutes. Maybe it's those small, but the best brands that everyone can leave this planet.

The unpublished works of artists has as subject the environment and arouse to awareness about what we're doing for our world, our only home. The look of the art seduces by means of colors, of forms, but, above all, hope, before your planet, home to all, become a harsh desert.

Participating artists:

Adriana Konrath

Ana Mora

Bia Black

Dircéa Mountfort

Flavio Martins

Iolanda Cimino

Jair Rhuys

Jeremiah Ortiz

Patrícia Amato

Paul Lionetti

Paul Lindner Tajes

Rafael Murió

Rita Caruzzo

Rogério Della Valle Malik

Rosângela Vig

Sandra Honors

Sérgio Grecu

Soso Botture

Stella Gomide

Vanda Ramirez

Walmir Teixeira da Silva

Guest Artist:

Everson Fonseca



  1. CORALINA, Cora. Melhores Poemas. São Paulo: Global Editora, 2004.



  1. Hello Rosangela!

    Always surprising to your way of expression!

    I love the choice of poetry, and its always so poetic texts and surroundings.

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