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Work of Lu Valencia.
Work of Lu Valencia.

The Return of the Contemporary Collective



In December 2017, Lu Valença was invited by the French artist and Tourism Ambassador in Rio de Janeiro, Philippe Rye, to be an art curator at the Sofitel Ipanema Hotel. Since then, in addition to the monthly exhibitions he promoted at Sofitel Ipanema, the curator held exhibitions in other spaces in Rio de Janeiro and Niterói, revelando o talento de artistas exponenciais. The following year, created the Contemporary Collective, bringing together 12 artists active in the carioca scene, mining and international, promoting artistic occupations, marked by the diversity of styles and languages.

“I believe in the strength of collectives and the importance of art, especially at times like what we are facing. Resuming Contemporary activities was a natural call to lighten the weight of our reality. We have our gallery on Instagram, which is updated every day and building our website. ” – explains Lu Valença, artist and curator of the collective.

With different ways of seeing life, through expressions that lead us to the common point of art the collective is formed by artists: Adriana Ninsk, Carlos Valencia, Denise Greco, Eduardo Tropia, Giancarlo Diniz, Herbert Zampier, Lúcia Russo, Luciana Alves, Maria Clara Maia, Philippe Rye, Ricardo Bhering and Lu Valença.

During the pandemic Lu Valença promoted lives with the members, where each one had the opportunity to present works, creative process and inspirations.

“It was the way I found to bring together artists, to resume the initial intimacy of the group and create an approach with the public. We are organizing for a post-pandemic physical exposure, that should happen at the end of 2021 and this movement has motivated everyone. It will be a different job, than we were used to, the idea is for research and co-creation. ” – says Lu Valença

Good thing comes around!

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