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Work of Patricia Chaves. Photo: Disclosure.

Resistance on canvas painting shows in the Cultural Reserve

The Gallery Cultural Reserve in Niterói, opens the next day 24 de Mayo, at 19h, It shows Thrice painting with artists Patricia Chaves, Rita Manhães and Stella Margarita. The exhibition, curated by Vilmar Madruga and support of the Axis Contemporary Art, consists of medium and large screens and formats occupy the gallery until 30 of June. The show celebrates the paint resistance as a means of contemporary expression through the work of women of different generations who are active in the art system. See the curatorial text shows:

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This show focuses his aesthetic discourse in the image as a constitutive resistance desire. Attend three women of different generations militating in the art system through painting: Patricia Chaves valley is a sober and economical palette to talk time, space and memory. His painting does not allow distractions. Background and figure are given simple valuation, franca, planar. There is a conspicuous silence on this return of their increases in us the interest in these figures redeemed by the innocence of childhood. Rita Manhães paint discloses a crossing of abstraction and figure. It is precisely this contrast field forces that gives the development of their own corporeality of its buildings. Rita bet on the color to deconstruct his pictorial vocabulary, fabric on accumulations, displacements and migrations. The bodies of Stella Margarita are deprived of any recognition of space or time in which they can be inserted. In this kind of involuntary cloister, these beings seem to target dispossessed, as castaways, lost and translated into pictorial gestures. Thus, the notion of the universe that is given by these three productions is submitted and powerfully mediated by an open window where art and life are mutually contaminated.

Vilmar Madruga

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