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Contemporary Art Parana Salon, by Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig é Artista Plástica e Professora de História da Arte.

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

Notice of Public Notice via Public Notices and Related:

Registrations are now open for the 672nd edition of the Salão Paranaense de Arte Contemporânea, to be held from 11 March 2021 to 20 June 2021 and is aimed at artists from all over the national territory. MAC-PR values ​​and encourages the registration of groups that suffer discrimination based on race, genus, ethnic and cultural, e LGBTQI+.

Thirty cultural projects by artists who will have their works exhibited at the 67th Salão Paraná de Arte Contemporânea. Proposals must fall within one of the four categories of the notice:

– Category 1: realized digital art works, language web art, audiovisual that use the web as an interface for realization;
– Category 2: works carried out in languages ​​such as painting, sculpture, photography, engraving, drawing, video art and installation;
– Category 3: action proposals, urban performances or interventions to be performed during the exhibition period;
– Category 4: critical reflection texts on contemporary art from the theme “Poetics and Policies of Reparation”.

Brazilian and foreign artists legally resident in Brazil can apply, aged eighteen or over.

O MAC-PR, as a public body, believes that its actions are part of a larger strategic plan for solutions for culture, reinforces the fundamental role of art in life in society and calls(the) artists to think, collectively, how to create new artistic experiences in the digital environment. We live in a unique moment, in which it is not possible to produce an exhibition that ignores what is happening. In this sense, MAC-PR considers it essential to hold a show that is, not only visitable, but also relevant after the pandemic.

- Registrations: until 25 October / 2020, via on-line
- Registration fee: doesn't it
- Awards: R$ 5.000, for selected artistic proposal.
- Notice + Inscription: bit.ly/3mrgUa4


Source: Public Notices and Related.

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