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Virtual show ‘Hi, There Inezita’, (Jaqueline Cardoso, Márcia Morelli and Simone Moerdaui). Photo: John F. Tavares Kawasaki.

Reverence for popular culture, Hi there, Inezita’ has series of online presentations

Company Show. Scenic inspired by the life and work of Inezita Barroso makes 10 free screenings of 2 from June to 17 July on YouTube. Programming of the São José do Rio Preto theater company also involves workshops ...

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Tiradentes Palace. Photo: Thiago Lontra / Alerj.

Rio and the history that has been erased is the theme of the May's Rolé Carioca

Municipality of the City of Rio de Janeiro, Municipal Secretary of Culture and Estudio M’Baraká present The history erased through the years and their memories is the theme of the script of Rolé Carioca in May Once upon a time in Rio - Memories ...

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#Momentum: TikTok. Disclosure.

#Momentum: TikTok exhibits for the first time a marathon of lives from museums around the world

As a global entertainment platform, TikTok is a place that celebrates cultural expression and the arts, giving communities the power to discover culture from all corners of the world, from art and music, even dance ...

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Or Hybrid, Robson Catalonia. Photo: Tiago Macambira.

Immersive 360 ​​° experience The Hybrid, Robson Catalunya extends season

Work in virtual reality, that mixes theater, cinema and performance can be checked up to 2 May After presentations in Brazil and abroad, the performance THE HYBRID, by Robson Catalunya, ganha novos contornos artísticos e tecnológicos com o intuito ...

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Ruy Godinho. Photo: Renata Samarco.

Valeu.art: Check out the launch of the new virtual fundraising platform

To keep the thriving creative sector of culture alive, which employs thousands and delights millions of Brazilians, surge uma ferramenta legal e de fácil acesso Valeu.art Plataforma virtual de captação de recursos por meio da qual cidadãs e cidadãos podem ...

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CineCidades exhibition. Disclosure.

Mostra CineCidades brings films that bet on the plurality of the city of Rio de Janeiro

Mostra CineCidades brings a contemporary and plural look to new directors about the city of Rio de Janeiro. Part of the schedule 2021 do Rolé Carioca - multifaceted platform of culture and knowledge about the city - Mostra CineCidades brings a ...

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CINE ODEON, Tour held in 2019. Photo: Thiago DiniZ.

Rolé Carioca expands shares in 2021: residents' memories, reflections on the city and film shows are on the program

The city as a stage where the lives of millions of people happen, daily and in practice. What city do we live in? What city do we want? How to make it more inclusive and aggregating? Rolé Carioca starts the year with a series of ...

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BNDES launches another Matchfunding BNDES call + Cultural heritage. Photo: Church of Our Lady of the Pillar in São João del Rei, Minas Gerais / Disclosure.

BNDES launches another Matchfunding BNDES call + Cultural heritage, with registration until 18 of december

Lab edition calls for ideas that use the internet to extrapolate physical barriers to heritage. Selected people go through a co-creation lab and can receive R $ 50 thousand of match for their crowdfunding campaigns. Subscription link: benfeitoria.com/bndesmais Analisando o ano de ...

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Evento CAWS. Disclosure.

CAWS Magazine promotes Independent Artists with Event Production

With CAW productions and support from CAWS Magazine, the event will be presented directly from São Gonçalo / RJ o MT do Terminal, Gabriel Caslu and DJ Clayton's participation, Além de um super Ensaio Aberto do Grupo ...

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Performer Uýra. Photo: Ricardo Oliveira.

VIII Journey of Education and Ethnic-Racial Relations of the Art Museum of Rio begins on the day 23 November

teachers, educators and researchers will exchange experiences and reflections on how art and culture can contribute to the construction of an anti-racist education and society, inclusive, plural and democratic The Museum of Art of Rio – MAR, under ...

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