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Gato Maori, Pâmella Louize. Photo: Disclosure.

'Universe Maori in Nanjing' in Flamengo

By 15 of december, Pâmella Louize displays several pictures at the Visitor Center Estacio de Sa Monument

Approximately 30 works of artist Pâmella Louize Sedge Silva can be checked in the exhibition "Universe Maori in Nanjing". They were performed free hand in ink under Canson and digitally reproduced in engravings, inspired dash and Maori culture. The free event is on display at the Visitor Center Monument to Estacio de Sá 15 of december, Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 am to 17. the arts, all in black and white, They are divided into three major themes: animals, typography and personalities. Each design has several elements in its composition, which together, They form the main theme of the engraving. In this way, each creation can be observed closely in its rich details, as well as a global perspective, allowing the theme of vision as a whole. The typographic arts, the observer sees instigated still looking for the hidden phrases in each drawing.

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Through its Social Responsibility program in the pillar of Culture, in partnership with RIOTUR, Estacio – one of the most respected educational institutions in Brazil - is responsible for curating the Visitor Center Estacio de Sa Monument.

The works, prints digitally reproduced from the original design, They will be presented in different formats, from or A5 format (15x21cm), going through different sizes and frames, reaching pieces of 42x60cm.

Profile of Pamella Louize Sedge Silva

Art has always been present in the artist's life, who since childhood I have used drawing as a favorite hobby and adolescence came to attend painting classes. Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from FAU UFRJ, Louize joined his hobby the modest academic, also participating in various visual arts courses at EAV Parque Lage in this period.

After a few years of dedication, developed by a composite black and white drawings in series, made free hand in ink under canson, that characterize and customize the poetics of his work. Inspired by the dash and in Maori culture, their arts have delicate lines that depict a world of varied elements, which together, They form the main theme of the drawings. She has directed his technique and themes for the incorporation of a young and contemporary language, allowing the creation of the arts always intuitive and freely. Search always producing new designs and updating the three major themes of his series: animals, typography and personalities.

Currently, Pâmella Louize Sedge Silva acts as Architect and Urban Planner of the College Pedro II and is Master's degree in Design and Heritage by PROARQ / FAU / UFRJ.

Event – Exhibition "Universe Maori in Nanjing - prints of Louize Design"
Location - Visitor Center Estacio de Sa Monument – Av. Infante Dom Henrique, s/n Subsolo – Flamengo Park
Date – until 15 of december 2019
Time:from 9h to 17h (from Tuesday to Sunday)
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