Franco Belli exhibition at Brazil Gallery - Art Gallery, by Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig é Artista Plástica e Professora de História da Arte.
Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

All those who are there
blocking my way,
They will pass…
I little bird!
(QUINTANA, 2005, p.257)


Mário Quintana subtized through words. Your own poetry is a hummingbird flying freely across a piece of paper. Your few words are like a symphony. Through them it is possible to discern the grace and lightness of the spirit of this great Brazilian poet. Your verses are like this, full of delicacy, with the agility of a hummingbird that passes here and there quickly. Subtlying through the air, follow the hummingbirds, exchanging varied nuances against the glare of the sun, playing from flower to flower, in fast movements, as if they wanted to sip from life all at once, in unrelenting ecstasy.

in subtlety, color, they gradually landed nuances across Franco Belli's canvases and filled the empty space, making the artist's works a light collection, colorful, delicate, full of flowers, flying by Brazil Gallery online space and the walls of the space at West Plaza Shopping in São Paulo, in the Água Branca neighborhood in São Paulo.

Distracted, they don't even realize they were portrayed by the hands of the artist who, subtly, realized to them the grace of their flight. There are times when your little wings can barely be seen (Fig 3), such is the rush after a falling seed, of a flower that opens. The blue tones of the sky show the clarity that contrasts with the small jewels that shine in the air, hovering and sipping the nectar. Quickly they jump to another scene (Fig. 4) and the sky reconfigures; turns orange, yellowish, reddish. The afternoon shows its colors and allows for the last walks of the day. Or rest, if there will be, it will be to dream of tomorrow's flight and the flowers you haven't visited yet. in the artist's garden, the flowers fall asleep preparing for the next day and the expected visits. The canvas waits on the easel for the artist's dreams to become colorful and materialize on the whiteness of the fabric. The dream you subtilized will come true in poetry in a new dawn.


Curated by Carlos Ernesto, the exhibition of Franco Belli's works are at the Brazil Gallery and can be visited or purchased on the gallery's website or by telephone (11) 3975-4443 / (11) 97436-8581, or the link:

The amazed spectator will be able to appreciate the garden of colors, the almost invisible hurried wings and the subtlety that the spirit seems to mix with such purity. The countless shades blend with nature like ephemeral fluttering flowers.

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(QUINTANA, Mário. Notebook H, Complete Poem. Rio de Janeiro: Nova Aguilar, 2005, p.257).


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