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#In exposure AFRICA, Bru artist Hermenegildo. Photo: Disclosure.

#In exposure AFRICA

After the great success 2017 and 2018 who toured several areas in Brazil, through the State Secretariat for Culture and Creative Economy of Rio de Janeiro to State Park Library, in downtown Rio, receives exposure “# In África”, until 30 July. Curated by Herik Wooleefer and Ju Yao, the show will depict the striking colors and customs of Africa, giving visibility and leadership the work of black art that are rare, showing its artistic and cultural diversity through photography, painting, drawing and sculpture. Admission is free.

The show is a construction works of art with the simplicity of Eastern isolated people, the claw of cannibals, the diversity of traditional communities and all luxury of the African metropolis, of body, soul and movement. In space, the audience can enjoy the works of the following artists: Junior Costas, gih Rosa, Sisley Brandão, Noemia de Souza Conceição, Bruna Ashby, Alan Porfirio, Carla Alves, Matheus Steinmetz, Robson Sales, Bob Selassie, Matheus Dalvi, Thiago Nunes, Allan Sampaio, Blínia Messiah, Bru Hermenegildo, in addition to the guest artist sculptor, Thiago Mathias. Another highlight is the African artist invited, Noir Africain Thezis and Brazilian William Junior.

each stroke, color or shape they create based on the Curator Search to travel the African continent are used to give life to the placed art in our daily lives. In his inspired roots, the charming African traditions, representing the customs and traditions of the tribes with the abstractionist by exalting the feelings and emotions of a not so clearly, in principle, and naturalists, because animals and elements of nature are paramount in making this art, we can find in the tribes of the Omo Valley, in East Africa.

The tribes use elements of nature to paint the body as part of everyday life that have in your region. A fabulous palette of colors that are extracted powder stones, mud, fruits and plants and some tribes like - Afar, Éwés, Tuareg, Tutsis and others found in the region, forming the base of inspiring artists joining the colors and traditions in a unique Art, merging with the picture.

The exhibition will give space to these incredible works of art, so that the black has its representation in art history, building, and, a better society for all.

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It is of paramount importance to know the artists that even without being able to create, without having to build or show their art, They are with us to soften our days are often not pleasant, changing our daily life, what would life be without the screens that leaves us still instantly, the sculpture that allows us to develop the entire construction process without even seeing, the picture that freezes unforgettable moments ”, emphasizes Herik Wooleefer Curator of the Exhibition – Writer, Filmmaker, Specialist Rescue of Humanity and Artistic Director of the CAW productions.

“We must strengthen the link the art is within all, even if it is not visible, creativity in achieving live is an original art each, describes Ju Yao Curator of the Exhibition – Stylist, Plastic Artist and Visual.

Date: By 30 of July 2019
Time: From Monday to Friday, das 10h às 18h.
Local: Library State Park of Rio de Janeiro – Av. Presidente Vargas 1.261, Center, Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Entrance: Free


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