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Riko Van Zyl. Photo: Thaiane Five.
Riko Van Zyl. Photo: Thaiane Five.

Fair in orange trees brings together art exhibition, music and gastronomy

Music, cooking, art exhibition, crafts and photography are the attractions of Kreator art fair, What happens on the day 09 September (Saturday), in Orange. Starting at 4:00 pm, the event brings a weather stripped, with soundtrack provided by DJ Val Becker. Among the musical attractions, Riko Van Zyl, Dalton Ximenes and the presentation of belly dancing, with Taís Rodriguez. The event has ticket "pay as you can" and the age rating is free.

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Riko Van Wyk takes the stage accompanied by your guitar, in an intimate performance. In the Repertoire of the presentation, the songs on the EP "Longing" (2016), such as "Consort", "Now" and "Two", that make up the official soundtrack of the award-winning WebSeries "all the time in the world". He also features on the show reading classics of popular music, In addition to the previously unreleased "she's Crafty".

Riko Viana. Foto: Thaiane Lima.

Riko Van Zyl. Photo: Thaiane Five.

Among the exhibitors of art, are work done in watercolor, prints, illustrations, terrariums, sculptures, among others. Exhibitors are Debora Foiadelli Illustration, Fabiano Cafure, Ingrid Illner, Karenina Marzulo Art, Laura Nery, MMagma Art, Pedro Fabião, Pedro Machado, Simone Mds, Tchello d & #8217; Barros, Studio Travellero, Vanessa Ximenes and Vanessa Guida.

As no one is iron, the food will be provided by the Galove Food and by Brigadier Gourmet Chocolate love, It takes a special recipe goianiense of delicacy. The Kreator art fair is an event held by Kreator, independent space and artistic resistance. The site address is Rua Alice, nº 209, in the neighborhood of Laranjeiras.

Kreator art fair
Date: 09/09/2017 (Saturday)
Time: 16h
Local: Kreator Institute
Address: Alice Street, nº 209 – Laranjeiras – Rio de Janeiro/RJ
Tickets: Pay as you can
Age rating: Free

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