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Vernissage Painting Exhibition, Dare… Dream! by Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig é Artista Plástica e Professora de História da Arte.

Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

Be the tree that blooms
Which fruits
And is scattered on the ground.
Let the hungry despojarem you.
In your serene branches
There are blooms eternal
And all the mouths they shall be satisfied
(MEIRELES, 1995, song XX)

The art always ventures, seeking new ways to talk to the soul, to arouse emotions and to awaken. That thought always accompanied the artist, the paths that followed art. And that's the spirit present in the exhibition of OAB, in São Paulo, in celebration of international women's day, at the invitation of Dr. Cíndia Regina Moraca, Director of Arts Law Commission of OABSP.

Paint, Dare… Dream is the theme of the event that brings together the 28 great artists, working in Painting, in photography and sculpture, in Brazil. The originality of the works make the exhibition even more beautiful. In the silent language of Art, the sculptures and paintings speak about dreams, about daydreams, about disillusionment, but also of raptures, of Ecstasy and enlevos. It's as if his own fantasy, seduced by the images, fix talk, with his chest heaving, anxious to rule, through pictures.

The works, carefully arranged in the large lounge, by Giuseppe Ranzini, translate a story, a tale, Maybe a silent narrative of female soul, at present the thoughts, the body, the ability to generate new life and, often the shut up.

Check out the photos:

And the viewer can realize this change in harmonic arrangement of reporting works of the artists of the Group M7, Iolanda Cimino, Rita Caruzzo, Kazuhe Shizuru, Sonia Botture, Vera Ranzini; next to the names of Adina Worcman, Adriana Konrath, Alexandra Souza Aranha, Ana Bittar, Ana Mora, Carolina Saindenberg, Cynthia Craws, Dircéa Mountfort, Fatima Lourenço, Kitty Marie, Licia Simoneti, Marcia Wolf, Patricia Amato, Regina Freitas, Rosângela Vig, Sandra Honors, Sandra Lozano, Silvana Ran, Stella Gomide, Suzana Meyer, Tereza Viana, Vanda Ramirez, and Zilamar Takeda.

The opening that occurred in the last day 10 March, met the artists and guests in a beautiful evening event in Sao Paulo. But the works will remain exposed in the offices of the OAB Jabaquara, until day 10 de Mayo, charming looks and shedding its seeds around. The M7 Group invites more looks to leave seduce by the shapes, the colors and the beautiful that only for art translates.

Check out the video:


MEIRELLES, Cecília. Cânticos. São Paulo: Editora Moderna, 1995.

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