Allegory Exhibition by Marcin Jaszczak and Olga Pelipas at the El Greco Museum by Rosângela Vig

Rosângela Vig é Artista Plástica e Professora de História da Arte.
Rosângela Vig is a Visual Artist and Teacher of Art History.

The end of a work of art seriously targeted, perfect for itself, logical, can be subordinated to the aesthetic purpose, at the end of beauty, like the products of eloquence. Here beauty serves as perfection. If the logical goal is merely imagined, then beauty dominates; thus there is nothing in obtaining the announced objective; the artist plays with his intention. Here all poetic art can be included. (SCHILLER, 2004, p.43)


Poetry is printed in the words of a book; in the lyrics of a song; in musical notes; in a colorful afternoon sky; in the freshness of the rain; in the coffee smell; in the scent of flowers; in the child's innocent look; and in the lost thought longing for someone. But Poetry is never tired of extending its arms and radiating through the field of Art. Contagious, she speaks through the hands of those who create and uses colors and shapes to materialize, loosening her bonds through the blank spaces of the canvas, expressing herself in a silent and universal, language of images. Schiller's words are full of profound meaning. For the Enlightenment Philosopher, Poetry is present in the purpose of a work; and it reveals in the artist's intention; it mirrors the harmony of a work. All definitions of Poetry are present in the scenes, characters and works of the Allegory exhibition, at the Fodele Cultural Association “Domenikos Theotokopoulos”, El Greco Museum, organized by the Municipality of Malevizi.

Curated by Magdalena Wozniak-Melissourgaki, Ambassador of Greece to the Mondial Art Academy, the exhibition is part of the Fodele Cultural Festival that opens the Window to Life in the World and shows works by great artists from around the world to the public of Crete. The event was organized by the Municipality of Malevizi.

The set of paintings have lost, thoughtful, distant; there are still lifes full of life; there is, above all, the unspeakable incidence of sunlight on things and on faces, reflecting the colors of the sky, the nuances of the afternoon and the bluish shadows. The final effect is that of slow gestures from people, with penetrating looks, often directed to remote distances; now and then the eyes are narrowed in a clear attempt to avoid excessive brightness. It is also possible to perceive the light shadows as slight absences of light, where the sun just forgot to illuminate and only the protagonists of the scene are evident. The delight never ends, because the observer, can perceive nuances, can see soft colors permeating faces and can reveal life pulsing in each work, showing sensations and allowing to participate in the scenes, as if experiencing all the impressions.


This is why Art becomes an object of the imagination, with a logical and announced purpose. This is how the artist completes his game and Beauty dominates the eyes of those who appreciate him. This is how Art is loaded with Poetry; and Poetry spreads through Art. The works of the Exhibition are by Marcin Jaszczak and Olga Pelipas. The couple united in life, is also connected by Art.

The set of works by the two artists follows the traditions of late 19th Century painters, who used nature as a theme and the incidence of sunlight on scenes, people and objects. The effects of unmixed nuances allow the eye to perceive these variations of light on the imposing female portraits.

Olga Pelipas joins her female protagonists, abstract scenes in the background, with ornaments, with an aesthetic model inspired by Art Nouveau. For Marcin Jaszczak, mythological figures are important and there is a clear influence of Symbolists and Pre-Raphaelites.

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The 35 works of the two artists, including oil, acrylic and technical mix, were exposed to the public from 15 to 30 September, from 9 am to 7 pm, in the exhibition space of the El Greco Museum in Fodele.

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